Zhang Guo

Medical Quality Director

Master of Medicine of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, engaged in the medical device industry for more than 10 years, postgraduate of integrated Chinese and Western medicine, quality director of Jiangsu Zhiyu Medical Technology Co., Ltd., with more than 10 years of quality management experience in the medical device industry, Adhering to the policy of “quality first”, we have established effective quality management system documents and strengthened the quality management of medical devices. We have rich practical experience in the registration, system verification and production quality control of medical devices before they are launched.

Tan ShengNan

Management representative

Currently the management representative, research and development director of Jiangsu Zhiyu Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a master’s student, graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University, and has been engaged in medical device research and development for more than ten years.




805 Health Avenue, Medical High-Tech Industry Development Zone Taizhou



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