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Masimo (NASDAQ stock code: MASI) today announced that its Root (R) patient monitoring and connection platform won the gold medal of the 2015 Medical Design Excellence Award, which is the highest award in the category of comprehensive medical devices and therapeutic products. At an award ceremony of the 2015 Western Medical Device Design Expo (www.MDMEAst. com) held at the Jarvitz Convention and Exhibition Center in New York City, the winner of the 2015 Gold Medal for Excellence in Medical Design received the award.
Root can be used with the base of the Radical-7 (R) handheld monitor or the Radius 7 (R) wearable monitor, an instant result display screen and multiple network/connection options. It can centralize multiple data streams onto a convenient and readable touch screen.

Root’s innovations include:

·MOC-9 (TM) – Enhance the measurement flexibility, and expand the measurement function of the platform by configuring MCINO Open Connect (TM) (MOC-9 (TM)) with MCINO MOC-9 module or third-party measurement equipment of other companies. A 510 (k) license is required for the new MOC-9 module to enter the US market.
·ISA (TM) CO2 map – ISA (TM) CO2 sidestream module has fast warm-up function and innovative and cost-effective Nomoline (TM) sampling pipeline
·The SedLine (R) brain function monitoring module provides four channel EEG, which can help clinicians better understand the role of anesthesia on the brain.
·Iris (TM) connection gateway is designed to integrate independent infusion pumps, ventilators, beds and other patient monitoring devices. Iris can enable Root to read the data of all devices connected to the patient and act as the indoor patient monitor and connection center. The alerts and alarms sent by all devices are seamlessly forwarded to the patient’s clinician, and the data of all devices are easily recorded in the patient’s electronic medical record.
·Wireless – able to transfer information via Bluetooth and Wi Fi

Root is applicable to Radical-7 or Raidus-7. Raidus-7 is the first and only wearable wireless monitor. With the groundbreaking rainbow (R) SET (R) technology of Maxino, it can measure blood oxygenation, pulse rate and rainbow (R) acoustic monitoring (RAM (TM)) via acoustic respiration rate (RRa (R)). Radius 7 can provide continuous monitoring for patients who are free to move, allowing hospitals to optimize their ability to get patients out of bed as soon as possible. Research shows that exercise is a key factor for patients to recover more easily (1).

The Medical Design Excellence Award Competition (www.MDEAwards. com), organized and implemented by UBM Canon, is the only award program to recognize the contribution and promotion of medical product design. The selection of products for the competition is based on their design and engineering characteristics, including innovative use of materials, user related functions that can improve medical services and change traditional medical attitudes, features that bring higher benefits to patients, and the ability of product development teams to overcome design and engineering challenges and make products meet clinical requirements. The participating products will be comprehensively evaluated by a multidisciplinary team composed of third-party judges involving biomedical engineering, human factors, industrial design, medicine and diagnostics.

Joe Kiani, founder and CEO of Maxino, said: “We are very honored that Root won the Gold Medal of Excellence in Medical Design in 2015. We hope that Root will remove the barriers to connecting innovative products and interoperability, and automate patient monitoring with an open and scalable architecture.”

(1)Needham D,Korupolu R,Zanni J,Pradhan P,Colantuoni E,Palmer J,Brower R,Fan E。 “Early physiotherapy and rehabilitation of patients with acute respiratory failure: a quality improvement plan”. Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine Vol. 91, No. 4, pp. 536-542, April 2010

About Maxino

Masimo (NASDAQ stock code: MASI) is a global leader in innovative non-invasive detection technology. Its technology has greatly improved the therapeutic effect – solving the “unsolvable” problem. In 1995, the company launched the Measure Through Motion and Low Perfusion (Masimo SET (R)) pulse oximeter, which can be measured under the condition of exercise and low blood perfusion. This product almost eliminated false positives and improved the ability of pulse oximetry technology to detect life threatening events. More than 100 independent and objective studies have shown that Masimo SET (R) outperforms other pulse oximetry techniques, even under the most challenging clinical conditions, including patient displacement and low blood perfusion. In 2005, Maxino launched rainbow Pulse CO Oximetery technology, which can monitor blood components non invasively and continuously, but previously this could only be measured by invasive methods; In addition to measuring SpO2, pulse rate and blood perfusion index (PI), this technology can also measure total hemoglobin (SpHb (R)), blood oxygen content (SpOC (TM)), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO (R)), methemoglobin (SpMet (R)) and perfusion variability index (PVI (R)). To learn more about Maxino and its products, please visit: www.masimo com 。@ masimoinnovates

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