Transient scanning detector

  • Name: Transient scanning detector
  • Brand: Abbott
  • Local: Abbott USA
  • Model: FreeStyle Liber

FULISHAN instantaneous scanning detector adopts advanced technology based on sensor, which can obtain glucose data through scanning and display simple and understandable data information on the screen.

Product Detail

The GLS instant scanning glucose monitoring system is applicable to measuring the glucose level in the interstitial fluid of adults aged 18 years and above.
The scanning detector is 95 mm x 60 mm x 16 mm in size and weighs 65 grams.
To obtain a complete glucose profile for 3 months, the sensor needs to be replaced every 14 days and scanned at least every 8 hours.
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Fulisan Instant Scanning Glucose Detection System is a blood glucose monitoring product with special medical wisdom of Abbott. It helps diabetic patients obtain blood glucose data by scanning, provides doctors with a complete glucose map, and better formulates treatment plans for patients. At the same time, it also allows diabetics to no longer worry about fingertip blood collection. It is tailored to patients with innovative technology to easily monitor the blood glucose level of diabetics, making their lives easier and more comfortable!
We believe that even if you suffer from diabetes, you can enjoy your life as well, and your life can be as wonderful!




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