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Compact and convenient carbon dioxide monitor — simple and lightweight design, suitable for first-hand control, brings you unparalleled mobility and comfort, suitable for short-term EtCO2 monitoring for adults, children and infants; It can be flexibly used in multiple medical care points, including pre hospital care, emergency drug administration, operating room, intensive care unit and long-term acute disease care

Product Detail

The level of carbon dioxide in blood can reflect the degree of gas exchange in the lung, and is a key indicator of cardiac respiratory function, which is helpful to evaluate the adequacy of ventilation. PaCO2 is considered as the gold standard for measuring the level of carbon dioxide, but its measurement requires traumatic blood sample collection and laboratory analysis, so it is an intermittent and delayed measurement.
Using the carbon dioxide detector to monitor EtCO2 can make non-invasive and continuous estimation of PaCO2, which has become the gold standard in the operating room and other critical treatment fields. Since 2010, the American Heart Association (AHA) has recommended that EtCO2 should be used during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in order to “verify and monitor endotracheal intubation”.
The traditional carbon dioxide detector needs the warm-up time for calibration, and the measurement of EtCO2 needs to pass through a sampling pipe connected to the respiratory circuit. In contrast to the bulky and slowly calibrated sidestream carbon dioxide detector, EMMA is a compact and lightweight mainstream carbon dioxide detector that can be directly clamped to the breathing circuit without sampling tube and with minimum preheating time.

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