Medtronic Insulin Pump 712-E

  • Name: Medtronic Insulin Pump 712-E
  • Brand: Medtronic
  • Local:
  • Model: Medtronic Insulin Pump 712-E

Easy to pump insulin pump, easy to control diabetes and easy to operate, Full Chinese operation interface, easy to learn and understand menu operation mode, simple and understandable, One AAA alkaline battery is convenient and economical.

Product Detail

Precision infusion
Patented physiological pulse infusion, with uniform and stable insulin absorption
The minimum infusion accuracy can reach 0.05 unit, and the blood glucose regulation is more refined
Insulin infusion error shall not exceed ± 5%, precise and effective
Up to 48 basic rates can be set to meet different treatment needs

Safe and reliable
Imported from the United States with original packaging
Patented motor, no excessive infusion
24 hours automatic detection of working status, with manual self inspection
Alarm can be given in time for various abnormalities, and there are two modes of buzzer and vibration
Sturdy housing protects the pump from falling and scratching
In addition, the waterproof design can prevent temporary immersion and splashing. The design is secret, lightweight and portable, convenient to protect your privacy




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