Medtronic Insulin Pump 712

  • Name: Medtronic Insulin Pump 712
  • Brand: Medtronic
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  • Model: Medtronic Insulin Pump 712

The scientific large dose guide function can help you calculate the insulin dose, track the active insulin in the body, and avoid the occurrence of hypoglycemia due to excessive calculation. Up to 48 basic rates can be set, and temporary basic rates can also be set to meet the needs of physiological conditions such as sports. It is applicable to the loud and large doses unique to different lifestyles. The dose can be set with sound or vibration, and it can be done unconsciously and easily!

Product Detail

Free and human nature, easy operation and programming
Three types of large doses are available – conventional, square wave and double wave, which can meet different dining needs
Full Chinese display and prompt operation, easy to learn and understand
Menu based operation, which guides you to enter each option through the menu for easy learning and use.
Only one AAA alkaline battery is used, which is convenient and economical.
With large dose shortcut button, daily infusion is more comfortable.

Precise infusion ensures your peace of mind every day
Kuaeida 712 intelligent insulin pump adopts BioPULSE physiological pulse micro infusion mode, and insulin absorption is uniform and slow
The minimum infusion accuracy can reach 0.05 unit/hour, and the blood glucose condition is more refined
Motor propulsion accuracy error ≤± 2%, injection error <± 5% (considering the injection pipeline), accurate and stable

Safety and reliability, quality assurance
Imported from the United States with original packaging
Patented motor, multiple circuit designs, no excessive infusion
Continuous automatic monitoring for 24 hours with manual self inspection function
With two alarm modes of buzzer and vibration, it can alarm in time for various abnormalities
Robust housing, which can protect the safe operation of the pump in case of falling and impact
Waterproof function, in line with IPX7 standard, can prevent splashing or transient immersion




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