Medtronic Insulin Pump-722

  • Name: Medtronic Insulin Pump-722
  • Brand: Medtronic
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  • Model: Medtronic Insulin Pump-722

Medtronic 722 insulin pump is a global insulin pump integrated with real-time dynamic blood glucose monitoring. In addition to its basic insulin pump function, it can also display the dynamic blood glucose curve in real time to better help users master their own blood glucose changes, so as to timely adjust the amount of insulin. For more information about Medtronic insulin pump, please consult Hanfei Medical!

Product Detail

Medtronic 722 real-time dynamic insulin pump system, as an integrated system integrating insulin pump treatment, dynamic glucose monitoring and diabetes management software, can help patients and diabetes doctors optimize diabetes treatment management and effectively control blood sugar.
Medtronic 722 insulin pump has the following characteristics:
1. Medtronic insulin pump has a large dose guidance function, which can help doctors calculate their insulin dose through individual differences of patients.
2. It can monitor the dynamic blood glucose changes in real time. When the patient has high blood glucose or low blood glucose, it will alarm in time to display the changes of the patient’s blood glucose at all times.
3. Medtronic insulin pump contains Carelink diabetes management software, which can analyze the information of diabetic patients from time to time to make a reasonable goal of comprehensive diabetes management.




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