Puritan Bennett™ 980

  • Name: Puritan Bennett™ 980
  • Brand: Medtronic
  • Local: USA
  • Model: Puritan Bennett™ 980

Designed to help patients breathe more naturally Puritan Bennett ™ 980 ventilator helps patients breathe more naturally through some of the most innovative respiratory delivery technologies. Our simple, safe and intelligent design provides more natural ventilation, which may help improve patient comfort1

Product Detail

Bakelite Bennett ™ 980 ventilator series
Designed to help patients breathe more naturally.

Our innovative user interface features highly customizable displays and intuitive screen navigation.

Puritan Bennett ™ The 980 ventilator provides a unique ventilator assurance function. When some systems fail, it will continue to provide respiratory support as close as possible to the preset settings, and has an integrated expiratory filtration system.

Advanced synchronization tools can help clinicians set up ventilators to meet the unique needs of patients and help provide an appropriate level of support throughout the breathing process.

Intuitive and highly configurable touch screen
Graphics can be scaled up to full screen to improve visibility.
Using the Pause button, you can pause the screen and view patient data for the last 60 seconds.
If you do not face the screen directly, or there are several people in the room during the teaching process, the large font screen can provide greater visibility for patient data.

Screen configurability
Several configuration options allow you to view as little or as much information as you need.
The patient data in the top banner can be configured according to the patient’s needs or matching your workflow file.




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