Puritan Bennett™840

  • Name: Puritan Bennett™840
  • Brand: Medtronic
  • Local: USA
  • Model: Puritan Bennett™840

It provides a solid foundation for you to build an ideal ventilation solution. By adding optional advanced technology upgrades, this ventilator can meet the needs of various patient types

Product Detail

Promote more natural breathing with innovative functions

We think ventilation can and should be more natural.

Our PAV+ ™ The software is a kind of breathing type. Compared with traditional mechanical ventilation, it can better manage patients’ breathing and support more natural breathing.
Except PAV+ ™ Outside the software, Puritan Bennett ™ The 840 ventilator also has a full range of software options, safety features and accessories to meet the needs of patients from infants to adults.


Puritan Bennett ™ 840 ventilator uses our PAV+ ™ Software, this type of breathing can better manage the patient’s breathing work, and support more natural breathing than traditional mechanical ventilation.

By adding optional advanced technology upgrades, this ventilator can meet the special needs of almost every patient you care for, from newborn patients weighing only 300 grams to adult patients weighing up to 150 kilograms.

Puritan Bennett of Medtronic ™ 840 Ventilator.
Provide clinically excellent technology to help ensure the safety of patients and clinicians.
Protect capital investment through scalable approaches.
Focus on service, support and education
Achieved the benefits of fleet standardization




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